85% of business are non-complient.  Are you one of them?

Recently Cal/OSHA inspected 813 businesses, finding 93% of them out of compliance

Cal-OSHA Fines have increased substantially since 2016

Cal-OSHA Fines now range from $13260.00 to $132,598 per serious violation

Listen to owner Dave Fischer discuss minimizing OSHA and Labor Law Fines and getting compliant, interview with Carm Capriotto

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Today, Cal-OSHA is much more aggressive than they have ever been. After discovering that 93% of all businesses in California are not compliant with Cal-OSHA Standards, the enforcement officers have gone on the war path.

Fed OSHA has told Cal-OSHA that they must find and asses more serious fines; that is the mandate that all enforcement officers here in California are working under.

After settling more than 20 cases last year, we have discovered that Cal-OSHA would like all employers to have a Cal-OSHA compliance coach. Cal-OSHA is going easier on those companies who have a compliance coach because they know that a compliance coach sees the employer on a regular basis. Cal-OSHA could never develop that kind of a relationship with employers and they know that.  Because of this ongoing relationship, the compliance coach will have his clients in a much better state of compliance than Cal-OSAH alone ever could.

Membership has its benefits

  • Customized Illness Injury Prevention Program
  • Annual Cal-OSHA mock inspection of your facility upon request

  • Monthly safety training topics

  • An employer’s hotline providing answers to the tough questions

Our basic membership starts at just $850.00. Get started now by going to our membership page.

  • You are a business owner
  • You are in management
  • You are new to compliance

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A Compliance Coach is a person that helps employers to get in compliance and then stay there. A good Compliance Coach will provide you the following, but will also go beyond this list, which will be explained in a moment.

  • Customized Attorney Written Employee Handbook
  • Customize Illness Injury Prevention Program
  • An employer’s hotline providing answers to the tough questions
  • State and Federal Employee Postings
  • Necessary forms for employers to use as needed.

A good Compliance Coach goes much farther than this.  They will be there to help you figure out an easy way for you to comply. They will not only know the laws, but they will know how the laws are being enforced.

A good Compliance Coach will have a professional network of attorneys that you can use should you need to. A good Compliance Coach will become part of your business family that will be there when you need them to be.

Since 1997 that has been California Employer’s Services.

California Labor Laws have changed, and they are continuing to change. Today, employers and management need to understand that what used to work five, ten, or fifteen years ago does not work any more. Even though that is the case, I still see employers continuing to use those same tools when it comes to hiring and firing.

Over a five year period, 60% of all employers will either have a labor board issue, or they will be involved in an employee lawsuit.

Your employee handbook, good or bad, is and will be your front line of defense – do you have a good one? Most employers do not have a clue as to what should really be in a good employee handbook.  

The laws are so complex today that everyone needs to have a compliance coach.

California Employer’s Services handles both Cal-OSHA and California Labor Law issues.

Call today to schedule your free compliance strategy session.

During that session, we will review your employee handbook and help you to see what, if anything, might be missing. We will give you a solid reason for everything that we say. During our Free Compliance Strategy Session, we will also take a look at what you are doing to make sure that you are in compliance with Cal-OSHA as well.

Remember – Compliance Only Counts Before, before the Cal-OSHA knock on the door, and before the notice of intent to sue notice from a Labor Law Attorney.

To find out more about you and California Labor Law compliance, please visit us at californialaborlaws.net

First year memberships start at $850.

Cal-OSHA and California Labor Law fines are continually rising, potentially costing non-compliant businesses thousands of dollars. Sign up for a membership to become compliant!

We are there for you when it counts

Why choose California Employers Services?

Recently, one of our long-term clients asked us if we would like to know why he uses our services.  Of course we said yes, but his answer amazed us. He said “You tell me that you have the best Employee Handbook that you can get anywhere. I have no idea of the truthfulness of that statement. To me employee handbooks are a dime a dozen and you may have the best, but I would not be able to tell. 

The same could be said for your other products, but here is what I know because I have seen it. If Cal-OSHA comes to my business and I am in trouble, you will be there within 24-48 hours of that visit to help me get my ducks in a row, at no extra cost to me. That service I cannot get anywhere else, and that is why I am your client.” 

Dara Bakhshandeh

C & D Automotive Repair

San Diego, Ca.

Understanding California Labor Laws

We are California Labor Law experts

Compliance Strategies that will fit your companies needs

Detailed attorney written employee handbook

Employer’s hotline

New Hire Packages and Termination Packages (Updated Annually)

State and Federal Postings


Plus much more!


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What our customers say about us

“We have been members of CES Today for years. Over the years we have had a couple of Cal-OSHA visits.  During those stressing moments we have found CES Today to be a reliable service.

It is nice to know that when we put in a call to CES Today we will be taken care of promptly.”

Baker Custom Cabinets


“CES Today has been helping us since 2000. We call them for all of our employee issues, and they have always been there for us.

We have found that the advice given has been solid.  No matter what we need when we call they are there.”

CKM Automotive Repair

Fresno, CA

“If Cal-OSHA comes to my business and I am in trouble, you will be there within 24-48 hours of that visit to help me get my ducks in a row, at no extra cost to me. That service I cannot get anywhere else, and that is why I am your client.”

Dara Bakhshandeh

C & D Automotive Repair

San Diego, CA


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